Top 7 Ways to Avoid to the Cold and Flu

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Cold and flu season is upon us once again. Keep your family healthy and happy this fall and winter by avoiding the main causes of these bugs. Here are seven easy ways to stay healthy.

1.       Get more sleep. We all need to listen to this one. Go to bed ½ an hour earlier to reduce your risk of catching the cold or flu.

2.       Exercise every day! It only takes 10 minutes to get your blood pumping.

3.       Reduce stress. Easier said than done, right? Not true! By adding relaxation and appreciation to your daily routine for 10 minutes, you can drastically reduce your stress levels. Pray, meditate, read or help someone in need. Your immune system will thank you.

4.       Add a daily green smoothie to your diet. This will detoxify and replenish your body so it can fight off anything being thrown your way.

5.       Drink more water. Your daily goal should be to drink ½ your body weight in ounces per day. Keep a water bottle at your desk, set reminders in your phone, or keep water on your nightstand. These are easy ways to add more water to your day.

6.       Take natural organic herbs and vitamins. This will boost your immune system and keep it working on all cylinders. Start with Vitamin C salts (4,000 mgs day), Vitamin D3, Echinacea+, and Supertonic+.

7.       Don’t expect a flu shot to protect you. Flu shots don’t work, and they are loaded with toxic chemicals! Check out our article on Flu Shots here.

Start these seven easy steps now! Your immune system with thank you later.

Erik McNair