Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, (also called FBSS or Failed Back Syndrome) is seen in 20-40% of patients who have had back surgery, and is even more likely with repeated surgery.

How can you help me with Failed Back Surgery Syndrome?

Chiropractic treatment after failed back surgery can be exceptionally effective in anticipating further degeneration and association of territories above and beneath the surgery site by advancing scope of movement and applying moist heat or treatments to alleviate pain. 

What are the symptoms of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome? 

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome is really not a disorder by any stretch of the imagination – it's a summed up term that portrays the state of patients who have encountered unsuccessful outcomes from back or spinal surgeries as well as keep on having pain after surgery. The essential indication is tireless and obstinate pain in the back as well as legs, and can incorporate differing degrees of crippling including influenced nerves and muscles. The primary reason this disorder is so predominant is on the grounds that there are just a couple of conditions that will react reasonably typically to back or spine surgery. They are:

  • A discectomy or micrediscectomy for a lumbar disc herniation causing leg pain, not lower back pain.
  • Spinal fusion for spinal instability, also called spondylolisthesis. Fusion for multi-level degenerative disc disease is far less likely to be successful.

Spine surgery is designed to decompress pinched nerve roots or stabilize painful joints, but surgery cannot eliminate pain, only change anatomy. Many patients also develop adhesions and scar tissue after back surgery, which can cause pain and thus FBSS.

How can Failed Back Surgery Syndrome be avoided?

The best way to avoid Failed Back Surgery Syndrome is to only consider surgery for those conditions that have been shown to have a high degree of success with surgical intervention. The cause of back pain must be accurately diagnosed before surgery, and a definitive case for the probable success of surgery must be made.

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