Why You Visit Your Montclair Chiropractor After an Accident

How to get help after a car accident? The answer is prepare before it happens. It's a long way from the scene of the wreck to the expert hands of your Montclair Chiropractor. So first you should learn about what you need to know... Here are some tips that can really help. To get them done, you’ll have to prepare before the accident happens. Aside from a car first aid kit, insurance and flashlight, we recommend taking along a camera...

Pack a Camera

Bring a camera wherever you go. You’ll see why in a moment...just throw a camera into the glove box or between the seat console.

Health Check

Immediately after your accident, check to see that you and anyone else in your vehicle are alright. If anyone is injured, it’s important to call an emergency vehicle immediately.

Better not to move them or the car, unless you’re in danger.

Regardless, never move someone who you suspect has suffered a neck or spinal injury. The spinal cord stretches down toward the small of the back, and any trauma to it can render a person paralyzed.

Get Evidence

Once your car is safely to the side of the road, it’s time to pull out your camera.

Take photographs of your car, the other car and its license plate. Include signs that will indicate where you are and the time of day or road conditions. All of this can help you when you need to bring your case before an insurance company.

Do collect the other driver’s information. Often the law requires that you report the accident to the police and procure a police report if the damage is over $1,000 dollars. In some areas you must report it regardless of the amount.

However, it will help you prove your case if you get a police report. If no police officer arrives, you can still call the police department and get a report.

Consider a Dash Cam

You can buy cameras that turn on at the first sign of an incident. These can record the scene in front of the car - sometimes capturing another car’s license plate number if the driver decides to run.

No Fault

New Jersey goes by a no-fault car insurance policy. If you’ve been injured, you won’t be able to sue the at-fault insurance company. Rather, you’ll have to be compensated from your own insurance company.

Get Your Medical Exam

That doesn’t mean you won’t need a lawyer. But first it’s always wise to seek out medical advice. There are two reasons: You need to be sure that you’re well. But you also need proof of injury if you’re going to be claim that you’ve sustained one.

Often your Montclair chiropractor can begin to help you get the material proof that you need to show you’ve been injured.