Whiplash Treatment

WhiplashIf you’ve ever been in a car accident, you might have experienced the jarring pain of whiplash. You can still remember it as if it happened yesterday. You were driving along when your car suddenly collided with another, causing your neck to whip forward and then snap back, leaving you with a throbbing ache and the inability to turn your head properly.

This type of situation occurs on a daily basis and is extremely serious. If you have been in this type of situation or find yourself in a similar predicament, you should seek immediate attention as this problem needs to be fixed right away.

More importantly, you need to find a solution that prevents negative long-term health consequences that include recurring migraines and consistent chronic pain.

What Are Your Options?

Getting treatment as soon as possible is vital. Whiplash can lead to several issues with the body, including joint dysfunction, muscle dysfunction, faulty movement patterns and disc derangement, which is when a disc in the spine is bulging or irritated.

This issue can be treated with medication, but not healed by them. The proper treatment involved is a slow and careful realignment over time.

Because of this need, many people have turned to chiropractic care. This type of therapy not only eliminates the need for pain medication, taking away the possibility of any addictive habits forming, but also works to treat the whole body.

This means that the doctor will look beyond your neck pain to ensure that your entire spine is healthy and treat you as a whole, rather than focusing on a specific injury or body part.

Chiropractic care also works to address both the mechanical and neurological issues caused by whiplash.

Your doctor will verify that your spine is aligned and in working order and that your nerves are not under duress; helping reduce the possibility of more damage being discovered in the future.

Treatment of Whiplash

When being treated for whiplash, a chiropractor uses a variety of different treatments to help ease pain and encourage healing. This can include manipulation of joints and the spine, muscle relaxation or stimulation and various stretches and exercises, as well as the addition of ergonomic and lifestyle changes to help encourage a healthy body.

Along with the alleviated pain, chiropractic care can benefit other portions of your well-being. Your doctor will channel all of his therapy into encouraging the body to help heal itself, leading to a more complete picture of health, and can also help treat many other issues, such as chronic headaches, arthritis, stress disorders and general body pain.

What This Means For You

With consistent treatment, you can not only help eliminate pain from whiplash, but also heal from your injuries while experiencing increased flexibility and better posture, leading a more refreshed and energetic take on your daily life.