Treating Kid's Allergies with Chiropractic Care in Clifton


When you’re looking for asthma treatment for your kids in Clifton:

First you’re probably thinking about your primary care doctor. While this is understandable, what the doctor is not going to do is treat the root cause of the problem. Rather, the medical model of health is going to deal with the symptoms using medication. Do you want medication to be the primary way to help your child from painful allergic symptoms?


What Are Allergies 

An allergy is the reaction of your immune system to foreign matter - it’s your system’s overproduction of neutralizing elements, such as histamine, to the outside world.

How to Lessen Allergic Reactions

While nursing your baby is one way to reduce allergic reactions in your children, if you’re past that stage and what to avoid antihistamine medicines that are dangerous in their own right, your Chiropractor may have answers. The nervous system has a direct effect on your immune system, and taking away pressure from the spine and its nerve roots has been shown to be an effective way to reduce immune system overdrive. When your immune system is calibrated, it will be less prone to attack neutral foreign bodies and leave your child feeling better with less allergic symptoms. Alternatively, some allergies may be not your body’s fight response, but the nervous system’s interpretation of what exactly the foreign matter is, and if it should be attacked. Here again, releasing pressure on the nerve roots can help the nervous system function better. That comes through the typical chiropractic techniques that are designed to release subluxations and help your general wellness.

Will it Work for My Child?

That we can’t assure you. While approximately 10 percent of chiropractic patients are children, the number who respond well when brought specifically for allergy treatment varies and cannot be guaranteed. Medical studies show adjustments are not 100 percent effective in treating allergies. However, they are definitely effective in a reasonable number of cases. The only way to know if we can help your child is to schedule an appointment. If you’re interested in natural healing, hope to avoid medication or dealing with an acute case doctors have found difficult to treat, it’s possible that our doctors of chiropractic will help your child get allergy relief in a whole new way.

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