How to Choose the Right Chiropractor in Clifton, NJ

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Think about your back.

How is it feeling right now?

Are you ready to try Clifton chiropractic care?

Believe it or not, there are benefits you’ll get for going to a chiropractor to heal your back pain over your traditional doctor or primary care physician.

Consider that when you go to a chiropractor, you’re seeing a spinal specialist. This is an expert with knowledge in how your spine functions, and how you can heal it and curtail pain.

The alternative is likely a doctor who will refer you to a chiropractor.

When Don’t You Need a Chiropractor?

The case where you’re feeling back pain and the chiropractor cannot help you is less common than when the traditional doctor can’t help you. This case is where you need more invasive measures because you’ve suffered physical deterioration of the spine or it’s associated components.

Even then, the first stop is still the chiropractor. It’s a step worth trying, because they can often solve many of the painful or uncomfortable symptoms that come with an underlying condition. These include a slipped disc, a pulled muscle, scoliosis, kyphosis, sciatica, and the nerve pain associated with many of these ailments.

What Chiropractors Can Do For You

After examining you, a chiropractor can make a recommendation for further care as necessary. But often, the chiropractic treatments are enough to give your body the chance to heal.

Consider that the best chiropractors aren’t just those who can offer you the most treatment - they’re the ones who can help you overcome your custom issues.

One of the best parts is that getting the right Doctor of Chiropractic with proper skills to restore and maintain your back isn’t expensive and isn’t hard to find.

Here are some tools that can help you.


Remember that you’re entering into a partnership and the subject of it is your body. You’d go into a business only with someone who shares your ideals. Do the same with your back.

Every doctor is different.

Some doctors, even certain chiropractors, are in favor of invasive procedures. If you don’t feel comfortable with those kinds of suggestions for your care, consider finding a chiropractor who shares your values.

If you have an easy-going relationship with your chiropractic doctor, the positive relationship can actually change the variety of chiropractic care you receive, and your personal ability to receive it.

Ask Your Doctor

Start by asking your primary care doctor who may be right for you. Also consider making your favorite chiropractor your primary care doctor, in which case you can get chiropractic check-ups on a regular basis.

Do Your Research

When you’re interviewing a chiropractor, ask what style he or she typically uses. For example, whether their manipulations will often cause cavitation (releasing air from joints that results in a cracking sound,) or whether they will instead focus on low force application.

You can also ask if your chiropractor uses instruments such as the Activator Method, the Graston Technique, or is a proponent of free hand manipulation.

To be sure, all of these styles and techniques are widely accepted, and taught in the leading chiropractic school. Certain chiropractors may simply prefer one method over another.

Finally, if you have a specific goal such as easing pregnancy, handling your health and nutrition, or righting your posture with Chiropractic Biophysics - find out first what services your chiropractor offers.