How Chiropractic Care Gives You More Energy

shutterstock_55863958 Two components of the spine affect everything that we do. The first is contributing to our structure. The spine is connected to every part of the body - from head and shoulders to hips. When it works well - we do, too. And when it doesn’t, there is a lot that we can’t do.

The spine is also the body’s nerve carrier. Everything our brains do to regulate our body travels out to the appendages and back via the vertebral tunnel.

No skeletal form is so entrenched in so much of what we do, which is why the spine can be surprisingly involved in how much energy we feel.

Back Alignment and Your Energy

When the hips, sacrum and vertebrae are in alignment, you’re the most protected from energy waste. Because when they’re not, you’re now carrying your own weight inefficiently.

Everyone knows how hard it is to carry a watermelon, and one reason is because your back is forced to muscle the weight and still support your body. So if any part of your body isn’t properly aligned, that’s a little like carrying around a watermelon. Of course a little misalignment is nowhere near as heavy, but the effect of carrying that imbalanced weight on your back and related structures, day after day, can drain your energy without you knowing why.

Nervous System

Your nervous system is made up of your brain, spinal cord and nerves. The spinal cord is your freeway to healthy living, which is directly influenced by your vertebrae. When you’re in alignment, you’ll find you can maximize the potential of your body by way of the free flow of nerve energy across radiating back and forth across your spinal cord. Benefits include a healthy immune system and having enough energy to live life the way you want. But if you’re feeling lethargic, have lost the zest for life that you once had, consider that the culprit could be the pressure of a subluxation in your spine inhibiting your natural flow of energy.

Rebalance Energy With an Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustments can restore the balance that you enjoyed earlier in life. This places chiropractic at the leading edge of non-invasive, natural healing. When you go to a chiropractor for fatigue, you open the door to a renaissance in your personal care and well being. While fatigue could be caused by an issue in your adrenal gland, approaching a chiropractor is a wonderful therapeutic complement to your treatment.