Get a Free Chiropractor in New Jersey...Just Bring Your Lunch

You're just in time for a FREE CONSULTATION when you bring 12 canned foods for people in need!


You can still bring donations to us until August 27th.

And if you need some more motivation, if you bring us just 12 cans or comparable foods, we're offering you FREE SERVICES in our office: including initial exams, consultation with the doctor and any necessary new patient x-rays.

See Who's Watching Us!

Food Drive | The Chiropractic Center at Styertowne

"The Chiropractic Center holds food drive for St. Peter's Haven in Clifton"

Why Are We Doing This?

Food shortage is all around us, we just don't see it. It's here in New Jersey. And in Styertowne. Did you know that many local food banks and shelters, such as St. Peter’s Haven, provide supplemental food to underprivileged families and individuals in the Clifton community?

They need your help to keep going.

How Bad is Hunger in Our Community?

At, you can see statistics about how little there is to eat for certain people. In Passaic County, we have a population of over 502,800. Of those, 12.3% don't have enough to eat. According to Feeding America, almost 62,000 people who live near us have "food insecurity."

Of those, 26,540 are children.

Besides the immediate physical effects of hunger, the overall negative impacts on those affected cannot be overlooked. The elderly are at risk for increased health issues including diabetes and other age-related illnesses. Children who are malnourished can suffer from irreversible conditions - from cognitive and physical impairments to poor academic achievement.

You Can Make a Difference Right Now

Don't think these statistics mean there's nothing that you can do! It's easy. Just bring us your food, and you'll make a true difference to people who live next to you in our community.

Recommended donations include:

  • cereal
  • peanut butter
  • rice
  • canned vegetables and fruit
  • pasta and pasta sauce
  • beans dried or canned

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