How Clifton Family Chiropractic Can Help Your Thyroid

There are 4 primary connections between your thyroid gland and your Clifton Family Chiropractic: Thyroid Gland Pain

  1. First, it’s important for people with a thyroid condition to eat well. Many chiropractors help their patients improve their health through nutritional counseling and supplements. Diet and supplements are a key component of thyroid wellness – even after someone has started the prescribed treatment for a thyroid issue by their medical doctor.

  1. Second, stress management is important. Stress response is regulated in part with the hormones that the thyroid deposits into the blood stream. Some chiropractors can help you with stress management, but you have to do your homework and find the specialists – because every chiropractor is different.
  2. Decreasing environmental toxins. This can help you retain more control over the way your body feels. You can often ask your chiropractor for advice in this area.
  3. Alleviating stress on the nervous system. Chiropractic can potentially help contribute to balancing the autoimmune system, by improving the function of the nervous system.

Thyroid Conditions May Be Sourced to Nervous System Imbalance

Treating an autoimmune deficiency is not within the purview of traditional chiropractic care; restoring movement and removing pain from the spine and joints is.

However, chiropractic healing of the spine helps balance the nervous system, and because the nervous system is tied to each part of the body, in fact all of its cells, the nerves can either help or hurt the body.

That’s why a nervous system imbalance may hurt systems like the autoimmune system, or cause other health problems. Using spinal adjustment, chiropractors can free the nerves to work better, and potentially produce better health results in the autoimmune system.

Healthy people who eat well, take supplements and manage stress but still have thyroid problems should consider this as a treatment possibility.

Why Turn to a Chiropractor for Neurological Conditions?

Neurologists can deal directly with the nervous system, and medical doctors prescribe hormones to treat thyroid trouble. For chiropractors, spine adjustment is another factor in the proper functioning of the healthy nervous system, and one that should be considered when symptoms are present.

The fact is, sometimes the chiropractor should refer to the neurologist, and sometimes the neurologist should refer to the chiropractor.

Why People Seek Chiropractic Care for Thyroid Symptoms

Interestingly, patients may feel symptoms that are musculoskeletal in nature, and which makes them believe the source of pain is in the joints and soft tissue. In reality these could be thyroid related symptoms. The result is that chiropractors sometimes see thyroid patients before medical physicians do, and are the first to evaluate a thyroid condition.


If you think that you may have an issue with unexplained pain or thyroid trouble, contact Dr. Lou and get his expert opinion, and intervention.