Chiropractic Bio Physics

Your body is more complex than an F-16. Don’t you think it’s time a chiropractor treated you with the technical sophistication your muscular-skeletal and nervous system deserves? While typical chiropractic is good at restoring movement and relieving pain from your joints, Chiropractic Bio Physics (CBP) takes this science to a new level. Here at the Chiropractic Center at Styertowne, we are active proponents of CBP.

The Goal of CBP and Postural Correction

The goal is nothing short of restoring your neck, spine and pelvis to their optimal shapes. That shape probably isn’t where they are now. But in fact, your posture should be aligned from every angle.

When you’re viewed from the front and side:

  • Your head, ribs and pelvis should align - each according to their natural (and ideal) curve.
  • Your spine should align vertically.

When you move you should feel:

  • Maximum range of motion and good movement.
  • Appropriate muscular strength

The Technique

In the 1980’s, Dr. Don Harrison, chiropractor and PhD. mathematician devised a new chiropractic method called Mirror Image Postural Adjustment. Since this time no other technique in chiropractic has been more highly researched and published in the medical and chiropractic literature.

CPB X-Ray Before Treatment | Chiropractic Center at Styertowne

The technique involves assessing the difference between a person’s habitual posture versus ideal posture. The patient is then moved into an ideal posture through a variety of devices...and at that point an adjustment is made.

As opposed to working on joints that are not aligned, the adjustment is made to joints that are first moved into their true positions.

This achieves a faster rate of response, giving your body the tools to regain its natural structure. It also helps your nerves adopt the new position, essentially rewiring your body to accept a healthier you.

Let’s Peek at Your Biomechanics

  • You have geometry underlying each of your bone, joint and muscular structures.
  • When these angles are incorrect, you’ll feel pain and a loss of movement.
  • Misalignment may also cause you pain or poor function as your nerves are pressured by misaligned joints.

Postural Analysis

X-Ray After CBP Treatment | Chiropractic Center at Styertowne

The way you move determines the way you’ll be able to move. Your muscles and ligaments will stretch or shorten based on how you habituate them to movement over your life. Through your daily habits, you determine the extent that your joints will be able to align and move.

Typically, chiropractors make adjustments on joints that are not in their optimal positions, yet with the aim to realign them. Now imagine the power of adjusting a joint from its ideal angle and position

It Takes More Than Exercise

Even if you exercise, you probably won’t correct bad posture. However if you work on the posture problem with Mirror Image Postural Exercises, then you can. Dr. Lou helps balance your body’s alignment by increasing your muscle and nerve response.

When you try a round of Mirror Image Adjustments, you’ll discover the true posture that you should have, and be given clinical tools to get it. Your body will be rebalanced, and you’ll develop improved reflexes in both your muscles and nerves.

The doctors at The Chiropractic Center use a combination of techniques such as CBP and instruments to help you find your ideal posture.