Sports Injuries

Athletes of all sports have been using chiropractic extensively in order to stay healthy, fit and injury free. Arnold Schwarzenegger was once quoted as saying "I found it was better to go to a chiropractor before you get injured."


Champions Use Chiropractic

Chiropractic is used by the top professional players in a diversity of sports including golf, tennis, baseball and football. Competitors from volleyball, surfing, rowing, running, cycling, sailing, weight lifting, and more are chiropractic care enthusiasts. In some recent studies, athletes showed a 6.12 percent performance increase after receiving chiropractic treatment. Another study found a 30 percent improvement in eye-hand coordination after 12 weeks of chiropractic care. 

Runners, Swimmers, Cyclists and Chiropractic

Malalignment of the spine can cause unnecessary tension on one particular body part. "Running, swimming and cycling are repetitive stress sports. If one area is out of alignment it will affect other systems. " Says Dr. Lou Schimmel, chiropractor and former professional cyclist. "I can't effectively take care of anyone's chronic IT band problem, knee or ankle pain without making sure their pelvis and lower back are in perfect alignment. Otherwise, those areas will continue to be strained causing wear and tear and create chronic injuries."

Youth Sports and Chiropractic

Participation in youth sports is not only booming – 30 million U.S. kids are active in youth sports on fields, courts and rinks each year – it’s something children are starting at younger ages. As a sports chiropractor, I know children are out on the field training as early as 3 or 4 years old in many youth sports. Sports put young, developing structures into demand physically and opens the door for trauma, but chiropractic care can play a critical role in helping kids minimize injuries and perform at their peak. Chiropractic’s focus on the spinal structure and nervous system is very important for children because they’re in growth and development stages.  Research shows there is a positive connection between chiropractic care and strength. More strength usually means better performance and a lower risk of injury. A new study, from Brain Sciences Journal, measured the electrical activity in the arms and legs of patients before, during and after a chiropractic adjustment. They saw a significant increase in cortical drive (and therefore greater muscle contraction) post-chiropractic adjustment. What’s more, a separate study on athletes by the Journal of Chiropractic Research and Clinical Investigation concluded that athletes who received 12 weeks of chiropractic care exhibited a 30% improvement in reaction time versus those without chiropractic care. And furthermore, another study from the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research showed baseball players receiving chiropractic treatments enjoyed significant improvement in their capillary count, which leads to healthy oxygenation of blood supply crucial for muscle function, performance and healing. 

Football and Chiropractic

According to 2002 article, in professional football, 77% of National Football League (NFL) trainers referred players to chiropractors and 31% of NFL teams have a chiropractor officially on staff. By 2012 all 32 teams had at least one, if not two, team chiropractors.


The need for chiropractic care to release stress from the spine and nervous system is more important than previously realized. The collisions of football cause head trauma that can result in brain damage, spinal misalignment, joint damage and arthritis. Chiropractic care is critical to realign the spinal structure to recover faster from injury, including concussions,  and reduce the potential for re-injury as well as prevent more serious long term health problems.

Sports Injury Treatment

Now that you know that chiropractic is not just for back and neck pain, don't wait to see if we can help your family perform at their best! And if you already have an injury, we are ready to help with the best in chiropractic practice and technology. Life as a young child or teenager can be full of accidents and injuries, especially those related to sports. From concussions to sprains/strains or even more serious injuries,  The Chiropractic Center at Styertowne can help relieve the pain and get you and your kids on the road to recovery! 

Drs. Paz and Schimmel have been successfully treating athletes of all ages for over 18 years including members of teams and organizaitons including: NY Giants and Montclair State Football, Clifton, Nutley, Bloomfield and Montclair Little League Baseball, middle school and high school sports teams, Clifton Seahawks Swimming, and numerous professional and amateur running and cycling teams.

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