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Chiropractic Bio Physics

Posted in Accident Recovery, General Chiropractic, Sports Injury Recovery, Wellness Library on October 7, 2015

Your body is more complex than an F-16. Don’t you think it’s time a chiropractor treated you with the technical sophistication your muscular-skeletal and nervous system deserves?

While typical chiropractic is good at restoring movement and relieving pain from your joints, Chiropractic Bio Physics (CBP) takes this science to a new level. Here at the Chiropractic Center at Styertowne, we are active proponents of CBP.

The Goal of CBP and Postural Correction

The goal is nothing short of restoring your neck, spine and pelvis to their optimal shapes. That shape probably isn’t where they are now. But in fact, your posture should be aligned from every angle.

When you’re viewed from the front and side:

  • Your head, ribs and pelvis should align – each according to their natural (and ideal) curve.
  • Your spine should align vertically.

When you move you should feel:

  • Maximum range of motion and good movement.
  • Appropriate muscular strength


The Importance of Good Posture in the Workplace

Posted in General Chiropractic, Wellness Library on May 28, 2015

If you’re reading this, you may have suffered from bad posture at some point in your career lifetime. According to the Arthritis Disease Center, 50 to 80 percent of Americans complain of back pain in the workplace.


Improving Your Health and Posture | Eclipse Web MediaThe cause? Bad posture which results from multiple habits you pick up while sitting around your office space. Knowing the importance of good posture at work in Clifton and other parts of New Jersey, can reduce pain and discomfort no matter what type of chair you sit in for no matter how many hours of the day.

How Bad Posture Happens

Much of your posture comes from habit. A lot of people with bad posture normally pick up the bad habit through their leisure time whether it be watching television or playing video games or even how they sit while in their cars.


Treating Kid’s Allergies with Chiropractic Care in Clifton

Posted in General Chiropractic, Wellness Library on April 9, 2015

When you’re looking for asthma treatment for your kids in Clifton:


First you’re probably thinking about your primary care doctor
While this is understandable, what the doctor is not going to do is treat the root cause of the problem. Rather, the medical model of health is going to deal with the symptoms using medication. Do you want medication to be the primary way to help your child from painful allergic symptoms?



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