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Clifton Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Do you ever have extreme back pain during your pregnancy and don’t know what to do? Are you at your wit’s end with your joint and back problems? Have you ever been concerned about your baby turning? Have you considered a chiropractor for these concerns? These are all prominent questions to think about if you’re having these problems during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Care Clifton Expectant Mother with Smiling Father in a Green Field | The Chiropractic Center at StyertowneAny added pain or discomfort during pregnancy tends to raise red flags as you want to get rid of the pain, but you have to keep the safety of the baby in mind.  When it comes to chiropractic care during pregnancy, a significant factor in regards to treatment is whether the procedure is a safe method of care.  Another fear during pregnancy is the possibility of a breeched baby, where the baby is delivered feet-first as opposed to a headfirst delivery.

If any of these problems have been a concern for you, let us introduce to you the Webster Technique.

What is the Webster Technique?

clifton-pregnancy-chiropracticThe Webster Technique is defined as a “chiropractic technique used to realign the bone at the base of the spine, a triangle-shaped bone called the sacrum” (Chiropractic Wellness Center of South County).  The sacrum is located at the lowest point of your back and is your spine’s starting point.  Any change to the sacrum affects the rest of your spine, which can cause pain and discomfort.

The sacrum can be easily knocked out of alignment.  Merely sitting for long periods of time can be a factor for misalignment, especially if you tend to sit with your legs crossed.  Sitting like this can twist your spine to the point where pain can occur over time.  Another cause for sacrum misalignment is the force from a fall or impact, as the weight distribution can affect the alignment.

The technique aligns your spine and reduces tension along with the pressure on your pelvic muscles.  Through this technique, your pelvic muscles are relaxed and it allows your baby more room to play.

Here is a look of how the Webster Technique works:

  1. The side where the sacrum has moved back is usually the first indication of the adjustment process to realign the sacrum.
  2. “The adjustment consists of placing a hand on the side of the sacrum that has moved back and delivering a gentle thrust to push it forward while applying mild pressure to it” (Chiropractic Wellness Center of South County).
  3. Once the adjustment is done, you will lie on your back and pressure will be applied to your round ligament. This particular ligament contains muscle tissue that should be relaxed at all times. This pressure will last about 15 minutes to relax the muscles.
  4. Once the technique has been completed, you will need to drink lots of water and avoid exercise to prevent straining your muscles.

One of the main goals of the Webster Technique is to create an ideal position of the pelvic bones to prevent the baby from being delivered breech as it creates enough room for the baby to maneuver around the womb.  In addition, the technique takes pressure off the muscles and ligaments near the uterus to alleviate pain and discomfort so you can have a smooth pregnancy.  We recommend this adjustment for every pregnancy to not only avoid a breeched baby delivery, but also to relieve excruciating pain in the process.

We Serve Montclair and Passaic

Live nearby? You can get the Webster Technique now with Dr. Lou, your Montclair Chiropractor. We’re also close to Passaic! This is the time to get an even better pregnancy and birth experience.

The Webster Technique is a useful method of chiropractic care that is safe for you and your baby.  You need as much care as possible in order to keep you and your bundle of joy healthy, happy and pain-free. Contact your Chiropractors at Clifton for the best pregnancy chiropractic care today!


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