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Come out to us and feel the difference. We give you natural care that you and your body will love. You’ll never hear us say that pills are the cure-all. Instead we choose whole body care that will help leave free of pain.

Get Chiropractic Bio Physics

We also have exciting techniques that are not widely offered at other practices. Now for the first time available with Dr. Lou.

Don’t go another day without getting the wonderful benefits of restorative chiropractic. Just call us, and bring your questions. We can’t wait to speak with you and give you the real story about how to bring your body to the health you’re looking for.

Curves In Your Posture are Fixed with Chiropractic Bio Physics

Your body body changes in different ways. There is acute stress, which happens during an accident, when your joints and soft tissue are forcibly moved.

But there is also gradual stress. This is what builds up over time, as days turn to weeks and months and years. The result is a less than optimized from frame with kyphosis and other problems that creep into your posture.

We can help with Chiropractic Bio Physics, or CBP. We use the power of geometry to align your joints properly before we adjust them. That increases the power of our treatment, and the likelihood that your joints and soft tissue will return to their natural shape.

You Can Fix the Effects of Whiplash

Getting into an accident is a terrible experience. But sooner or later, it happens to many of us. Whiplash is the most common side effect.

If it happens to you – please consider treatment with us. We can help you with auto injuries such as whiplash, which is common but serious.

  • With Dr. Lou you’ve got a helping hand to get you past your injuries. We are a competitive family run practice and help restore the body you’ve come to love – we can even help you love it more!
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The Physics of Whiplash

Imagine the motion your body makes when throwing a baseball. Your arm becomes a fluid whip, generating incredible speed and power as you bring energy from your entire body to cock your arm back and propel it forward, launching the ball.

It’s the same way people get force in martial arts and boxing.

The problem is it’s also the way you generate force during a crash. The target isn’t a pitcher’s mound or somebody’s chin, but your own neck.

As the force of the impact drives your entire body to move, it takes your head forward or back. The resulting motion descends into your cervical vertebrae creating an acute arch that can momentarily pummel your bones, and always stretches or lacerates their surrounding soft tissue.

Your Spinal Cord

But that’s not all. It would be enough if whiplash remained only in your soft tissue. Rather, in bad cases it extends to your spinal cord and perhaps even the blood that flows into your brain.

Your spinal cord runs through your neck. As it descends into your back, the cord passes off more of its function, extending branches that exit through your vertebrae. By the time you get to the 1st and 2nd lumbar vertebra, the cord has morphed into the form of a horse tail, and is called exactly that – the cauda equina.

Concussion Stems From Your Neck

An injury to the pelvis and coccyx bone is less imperative than an injury to your neck – even an injury in which nothing hits you. The damage from movement alone is enough to leave you with soft tissue lacerations, inflammation and headaches.

Hard whiplash can even cause a concussion, when your brain impacts the inner skull.

In such a case, it’s important that you get a medical check up, so you’ll be sure that everything is alright. It probably will be, but multiple concussions back to back may be fatal. It’s important that you know what you’ve had.

If you feel dizzy, nauseous or stiff-necked, you have a high likelihood of recovery if you seek both initial and follow-up medical treatment.

We Can Help You

For this and any other back issue, give us a call. We’re your Montclair Chiropractor and help you get the relief you need, fast.

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