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Success Stories

“For the last couple of years I have suffered from severe seasonal allergies, reacting mainly to tree pollen in spring. Last year was particularly bad for allergy sufferers and after 6 weeks of sneezing and itching eyes, I finally went to see an allergy doctor to see what options I had since I did not want to put up with 2 months of sneezing and itching eyes etc. in the future.

The news was sobering. I could do a treatment over the next couple of years getting the allergen injected every couple of weeks and maybe the symptoms would subside, but there was no guarantee. So I decided not to do anything about it and just put up with it. So I planned a two week trip to Europe where I don’t get any allergic reactions in spring in April to at least have some nice spring days.

By mid-April. I had not had any symptoms while my husband was already taking Claritin. Allegra etc. and having sleepless nights because the sneezing kept him up. I was wondering what was different this spring than last spring for me maybe the trees I was allergic to weren’t producing high pollen count this year? I checked the pollen statistics and no even on heavy pollen days wasn’t even having the slightest.

Then I read a sign at the chiropractic center while getting traction on my neck saying that allergies tend to get better when the spine was properly adjusted and the immune system was properly working.

Now it is June and I can happily say I had no allergic reactions the entire spring! And since I haven’t changed anything about my life tyle other than getting regular chiropractic care, it is probably due to Dr. Schimmel’s great work. Thank you!!!”

Imke O.


“When I came to you in May of this year I had so much pain in my upper body that I really didn’t believe I would ever be free of it. Over the preceding 10 years I’d been to a dozen or more different doctors and had more blood tests and expensive imaging procedures than I can count. And no one could diagnose why had so much pain I had given up doing things enjoyed like gardening, and I was having trouble with simple tasks like brushing my hair and sweeping my porch. I was quite miserable and largely helpless (which is scary way to be when you’re aging and living alone). The only relief I ever got was for about 4 hours at a time after a dose of hydrocodone.

When you took my X-ray and showed me my weight-bearing posture, I knew at once that your diagnosis was correct. The MRIs had all been taken while I was horizontal and the natural curvature Of my neck (or the lack thereof) was obscured by the placement of a cushion under my neck meant to simulate the natural curvature during the procedure. (for all their training, doctors still can miss the point).

Seventy chiropractic visits later, I feel great! Thanks to your insight and your sensitive technique, I’m able to move around again. Six months ago I thought chiropractic would be a sort of palliative measure. I thought it would lend me temporary relief and help keep me from getting any worse. The results have astounded me! Now I am swimming 70 laps four times a week. Last week I shoveled wet snow. Most days I wake up with no pain. And most evenings I’m able to hold my head up long enough to watch late night TV . I really appreciate the improvement in my quality of life more than any words on a page can say.”

Carlyn R.


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