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Why You Visit Your Montclair Chiropractor After an Accident

Posted in Accident Recovery, General Chiropractic on January 15, 2016

How to get help after a car accident? The answer is prepare before it happens. It’s a long way from the scene of the wreck to the expert hands of your Montclair Chiropractor. So first you should learn about what you need to know…

Here are some tips that can really help. To get them done, you’ll have to prepare before the accident happens. Aside from a car first aid kit, insurance and flashlight, we recommend taking along a camera…


Chiropractic Bio Physics

Posted in Accident Recovery, General Chiropractic, Sports Injury Recovery, Wellness Library on October 7, 2015

Your body is more complex than an F-16. Don’t you think it’s time a chiropractor treated you with the technical sophistication your muscular-skeletal and nervous system deserves?

While typical chiropractic is good at restoring movement and relieving pain from your joints, Chiropractic Bio Physics (CBP) takes this science to a new level. Here at the Chiropractic Center at Styertowne, we are active proponents of CBP.

The Goal of CBP and Postural Correction

The goal is nothing short of restoring your neck, spine and pelvis to their optimal shapes. That shape probably isn’t where they are now. But in fact, your posture should be aligned from every angle.

When you’re viewed from the front and side:

  • Your head, ribs and pelvis should align – each according to their natural (and ideal) curve.
  • Your spine should align vertically.

When you move you should feel:

  • Maximum range of motion and good movement.
  • Appropriate muscular strength


Whiplash Treatment

Posted in Accident Recovery, General Chiropractic on October 28, 2014

WhiplashIf you’ve ever been in a car accident, you might have experienced the jarring pain of whiplash.

You can still remember it as if it happened yesterday. You were driving along when your car suddenly collided with another, causing your neck to whip forward and then snap back, leaving you with a throbbing ache and the inability to turn your head properly.

This type of situation occurs on a daily basis and is extremely serious. If you have been in this type of situation or find yourself in a similar predicament, you should seek immediate attention as this problem needs to be fixed right away.

More importantly, you need to find a solution that prevents negative long-term health consequences that include recurring migraines and consistent chronic pain.



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